Chris & April Franke

Chris and April have over 20 years of service in the church. Both were saved when they were younger and help oversee both HFF locations. They have 5 children and still travel the country speaking and leading worship.


Daniel & Melissa Musson

Daniel and Melissa have served in various leadership positions over the years. Daniel and Melissa oversee the majority of the Saturday functions of HFF and serve a Pastoral care to the local area. They are the parents to six girls who also help serve through the dance ministry in the fellowship.



Ephraim & Lauren Judah

Ephraim and Lauren oversee the children’s ministry of HFF. They have served in the Messianic movement for over 20 years and help lead one of the largest annual youth camps in the US. They are the parents of three children.


Ed & Chavah Harris

Ed and Chavah have served in Pastoral leadership for over 30 years. First by leading a church in St. Louis and now helping plant and start another church in the Dallas Metro-plex. They have 3 children and are welcoming their first grand baby in 2019.