Galatians for Today

“For not even those who are circumcised keep the law, but they desire to have you circumcised that they may boast in your flesh.” - Galatians 6:13

Paul was very passive aggressive in his tone from time to time. It is why I believe that so many today love Paul's writings.

I see a lot of the same things happening today in our culture that I believe was happening during the times Paul was writing. We encourage people to keep the Feasts, Kosher, etc and then we boast about our adherence to the Mosiac law. We sometimes miss the very nature of Yeshua through Paul's writings. No the Torah IS NOT DONE AWAY WITH. Yet the TORAH and our observance of such does not justify us. It doesn't make us more righteous than another. If we act in such a way as to proclaim we are holier we exalt ourselves in the same way as the pharisees in Yeshua’s (Jesus) time. It is only by the blood of Yeshua that we can boast of eternal life.

Being born again brings us to a place where we are set free from the bondage of this world and the freedom to finally understand that the Law is good, and put in place for our own safety and benefit. That we may not stray. That we may not go back to what we once were.

We should unite under the freedom Yeshua has brought. So that we may sharpen ourselves not stab ourselves.